Social Contextual Videos


Social is about sharing your passions.


Connect with customers around the things they care about. Create thousands of videos, each one relevant and in-the-moment for your target audience.

Localised, In-The-Moment Social Video

How It Works

Contextual Social Videos Made Simple

1. Create custom audiences on Facebook based on age, gender, location and interest (e.g. people with a passion for cycling).

2. Based on the audience profile Photospire creates a personalised video that shows a local cycle route (or the sports events shown at local pubs etc).

3. Across Facebook and Instagram key audiences are served video ads that are in-the-moment and of interest to them:

  • Footage of people cycling based on gender. Reflecting local weather based on your area - so ducks when its raining.
  • Caption gives location and local weather forecast for next few days.
  • Then a local cycle map appears – with total distance.
  • A relevant product is shown and the video continues with footage of people cycling the route.

4. Photospire monitors delivery, opening and clicks and aggregate this into a weekly report.

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